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​​​​​​​I made this a couple of months ago for Tabulit's latest anthology, Furr 2! It contains original art and stories from several artists from Montreal, Toronto and around the world. This collection is all about the experiences that come with being a dog or cat owner.

I actually couldn't decide what to write about at first. I was going to tell the story of how and when the cats were adopted, and sort of compare their wildly different personalities with a few anecdotes about Khaya and Bea. But I also wanted it to be funny! So instead, I focused on all the stupid times I've been injured while raising these little fur butts. I have SO many other stories to tell about it but I couldn't fit them all in to the time slot I had to work on this (outside of my 9-5 as a designer). It took me about 5 to 6 weeks' worth of evenings and weekends, from storyboarding and sketches to the final product. And I had to race against time a little bit because I went away on vacation a week before the comic was due, so I had to hustle and hand it in early in order to meet the print deadline!

This was well worth my efforts, as we got our book printed in time for TCAF (the Toronto Comics Arts Festival) which happened in May. We sold quite a few copies, and it's doing well in other places like Vancouver and Montreal. I'm really proud to be a part of Tabulit and I'm excited to see my fellow artists getting their work out there as well.

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