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letters from angela

Letters from Angela


Hello everyone, I'm back! I've been wrapped up in freelance projects - one of them being this comic.

The fine folks over at Tabulit Comics included me in their latest collection of short stories, titled "Afar." The project called for slice-of-life tales about long distance relationships. I've never dated anyone who lived far away, so I thought about my family and the fact that most of them live overseas, and thought it was a good time to talk about my cousin Angela.

I didn't exaggerate or embellish any of what I put forth in these pages. I really was hiding in my room the day my aunts and uncles came to visit us, and Angela went looking for me. She was so friendly and understanding towards me, and it was what I really needed at the time. And the mix tapes she sent me were so fun, and encouraged me to explore other types of music I'd never heard before. I'm really fortunate to have met her, and I'm glad we can text each other now! One day I really will get out there and meet her again.

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