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hey, are you an artist?

type erase type erase type erase

It's not that I mind people coming over and asking me about what I do, while showing genuine interest. I'm fine with answering questions. But more often than not, some strangers cross the line, and it's really not welcome. And it's no secret women deal with this more than men. I've had a lot of comments and unsolicited advice from people (mostly dudes, sorry, but it's true) while trying to get work done in a cafe. A few weeks ago, some guy actually leaned over behind me and breathed "Great work. Keep it up!" Changed cafes for the 14th time.

I realize I don't live in a world where women can just go and relax in a public space uninterrupted. But, you know. If I look like I'm busy, that means I'm not there to spend time talking to someone with intentions that clearly don't involve any interest in my work. Also it's amazing how many people want to rifle through my sketchbook. HELL TO THE NO. That's like asking to see my diary! It's so creepy!

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