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modern love

looks painful

This is another one that did really well on social media. I don't know how stumbleupon works, but it got 17,000+ stumbles, and hey, maybe even more since the last time I checked.

I don't make comics thinking they're going to be liked or shared, because I do whatever I want with this website of mine. The places where I make a paycheque are the places where I'm asked to do specific tasks with specific content, and although I'm grateful to be in a place where I can use my skills in a lucrative way, nothing belongs to me at the end of the day. Here on this site, it's my very own arena, and as far as I'm concerned, anything goes.

It's freeing and cathartic as hell. But that being said, it's really nice when people do respond positively to my work! I'm glad I can go out and use my art and ideas to make people laugh. We all need a good laugh. I hope that's something I'm always able to do, no matter what my future holds.

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