fashion flop

< > I really enjoyed making this one. Funny how it's the simple colour schemes that end up turning out well. I can tell which comics were really "forced" while others were playfully drawn. This comic serves as a reminder to remember to let go a bit when I'm working, because it's obvious when I try too hard to make a comic "perfect." Also, I own two of these hats and they're ALWAYS blowing away! Maybe I should just tape them to my head before I leave the house...

if runners were honest

< > Hashtag live authentic, hashtag runner's life, hashtag fitspo. I actually attracted a lot of new followers who are gym trainers, fitness enthusiasts and registered dieticians (or just people who diet really hard). Which is ironic, since I'm here to skewer their respective industries, not agree with them. I'm glad they're following me, but I wonder if they're just doing so because of the hashtags, and not actually reading my content? I'm a runner myself, but I don't subscribe to any typical group or regime. But if you fitness folk are getting a laugh out of my comics, I'm glad to have you!

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