the game of life

< > Man, I could have pushed this one a lot harder than I did. Especially looking back at it now! (If you're just joining me since my site revamp, I'm writing my little blog blurbs retrospectively since I have been away for so long!) Sometimes I put down random thoughts like this, but I feel like I should remake this one sometime this year. There's more that can be done with the idea of the "end of life scoreboard."

hulk of the galaxy

< > Obviously I drew this right after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy (the first one). I'm not much of a "mainstream comic book movie" person, but I see a lot of them as my boyfriend's date. This one was really enjoyable though! I'd love to see the second one.

high mane-tenance

< > I featured my friend Alison in this comic! We've been friends for a long time and one of our running "jokes" is the fact that she has straight, shiny hair that's super low maintenance, and mine is curly and fine and impossible to tame, especially in the summer, without a ton of effort. And even if I use a lot of products and styling tools, I could end up with weird, big hair anyway. Hoping this summer remains on the cooler side. This gal still doesn't have central air, ok?

a short thought

< > I don't think I could last a day without criticizing the clothing available to women in mainstream shops. Or fashion in general, because let's face it, most of it is ridiculous. I'm very picky when it comes to buying clothes. They have to "perform well," in the sense that they must keep their shape and fit no matter how many times I wash them or how long I'm wearing them (within reason, of course.) I hate putting a cute outfit together only to have it ruined simply by the act of sitting down for longer than 2 minutes! I HATE creased pants and skirts. It upsets me so much to see creasy lines running across this gaping ponch of fabric that once belonged to a garment that fit me properly.

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