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Just Don't


Hi, friends. It's me, the person/artist who takes forever to make things on the iPad and then finally posts it! If I get enough interest in this, I'll add it to my shop as a print.

I had the idea for this illustration just as Roe v Wade was overturned. Which was....months ago. I'm not gonna lie, I did a lot of lollygagging during the process of making this piece. I'm still getting the hang of the iPad programs, mainly procreate, but the practice has really been worth it. Social media expects us to crank out content every single day, and I just can't play that game to the extent that's expected of me as a digital artist. I know I'm supposed to be slamming the internet with new things on a constant basis in order to be successful, and so far, that's my greatest weakness (aside from being my own harshest critic and getting in my own way!) I do have a tiktok account now though, and my partner's been able to offer advice on what to post, and how often. It seems like you can pretty much post anything, not just art, and it helps you get your work out there. He's a social media manager by profession, which proves to be handy in times like these! So uh, cat videos and silly dances coming right up. I'm kidding, you're not getting any silly dances. 

Dreams in Quarantine is officially back on my radar now that I'm finished this thing! No really, I have NOT abandoned that project! I'm scaling it down a little bit, as the dreams are way too detailed and I can't have every episode be 35 panels long. So I'm spending the next couple weeks continuing where I left off, as well as putting together a colour scheme and look and feel that can be applied across the board. 

Thanks always for visiting :) 

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