it's Inktober again!

How is it already October? MY GOD.

So I'm participating in Inktober again this year! Except I have decided to go without a specific theme. The first year I did the challenge, I told a story about what it's like to go to university to study art. Last year, I asked 31 people to submit a Hallowe'en costume and tell me about their choice. This ended up being surprisingly painstaking, as I had to create a portrait on top of getting the costume right! It was rewarding but exhausting at the same time. So this year I'm playing fast and loose, and using the official Jake Parker list of prompts.

Each drawing will feature prominent line art, but I won't be taking the "purist" route, which is "ink and that's it." One of the posts I made this week has water colours, many have Photoshop spot colors and some even have some marker work (I'm TERRIBLE with markers. I like my undo button.)

Anyway, you can follow my daily Inktober efforts on my Instagram account. I might not be able to get every single one of them finished, but I'll try my absolute best. Once it's over, I'll pick some of the drawings to be featured on my shop!

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